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The NEW DuPont Le Grand Lighters are on the way!

If you sometimes cant decide on which lighter to use, soft flame or torch, or maybe you just which you could carry both but that’s a pain then guess what…..the new Le Grand Lighter from S.T. DuPont is for you! This beautiful lighter does both soft flame AND torch in one compact amazing lighter.

These are going to be very limited quantity so grab yours today!

For more than 75 years S.T. Dupont has been a pioneer in reinventing “The Art of Fire”. After the invention of the world’s first complication lighter, today, the Maison has outpaced its expertise by creating
the world’s first ever lighter that ignites two kinds of flames – Soft double flame and Torch flame – “Le Grand S.T. Dupont”. Le Grand S.T. Dupont, a bit larger than the Line 2 lighter with the same iconic cling, can fit perfectly in your pocket. The Soft double flame gently heats your cigar while the Torch flame helps to light it in a perfect circle. This can be achieved in a simple and easy gesture by pushing the roller up. It is 100% hand crafted in France with precious materials and specific know-how of natural lacquering and guilloche techniques.
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