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NEW Xikar XO Cutter’s – New Colors added & We’ve got’em

All of the new colors feature 403 stainless steel blades, while three of the finishes–red, black, and gunmetal honeycomb–feature a titanium nitride coating that turns the blades black and which the company claims makes the blades unscratchable. The fourth new color way, burnt orange, comes with chrome blades.

The cutter uses internal planetary gear sets to generate an increase in the force of the double guillotine cut without any additional work on the user’s part. The blades maintain equal spacing inside the cutter at all times due to the gears.

All versions can handle up to a 64 ring gauge cigar, and can even make good cuts on cigars up to 70 ring gauge.

Grab yours today! Instock and ready to head to new homes!

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