Duran Cigars

These cigar brands are 100% handmade by 20 skilled cigar rollers and buncheros. The size of operation allows them to maintain a dedication to quality and excellence, setting Roberto Duran and Azan cigars apart from its competitors. This hand rolling requires even their very best cigar buncheros months to learn. Each cigar roller and bunchero is specialized in one size only to become the absolute master in the art of cigar making. Azan and Roberto Duran distinctive Ecuador Corojo and Criollo wrappers receive its final fermentation process in the factory and when the time is ready it will then be wrapped aroundthe cigars giving them the final elegant and distinctive look. All the cigars will then age in our “Escaparate”, the cedar climate control aging room, for a minimum of two months before the cigars are brought to you.

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