Rocky Patel Catch 22

Rocky Patel combines quality and value like never before.

Revered for his countless 90+ rated cigars, Rocky Patel knows his way around a tobacco leaf. Pushing out one lip-smacking blend after another is no cake walk, but he always seems to make it look easy. His skills are certainly on display in one of his newest releases. Rocky Patel Catch Twenty-Two wears a modest price tag for a blend having its praises sung across the nation.

A rare Corojo wrapper adorns this gem while inside you will find a bevy of finely aged Mexican and Honduran long-fillers. Thick smoke is prevalent in this medium-bodied stunner and earth, chocolate and coffee overtones are enjoyed with a faint spice appearing early on in the finish. Ironically, there is no catch with this one, just a fantastic experience for an attractive price.

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