Scottsdale Az. Cigar, and Wine Bar

A patio and a indoor lounge where you sit down Smoke and have a great chat with fellow cigar fans.

Hiland’s Cigars Has the lowest prices in all of the valley and most of the United States and ships world wide. Family owned sense 1963 we are a shop the sells cigars and tobacco products but we specialize in customer service and building a personal relationship with everyone who walks through our door, Calls on the phone, or emails us. We have many specially pipe tobaccos. Such as Snowflake, Black gold, Black gold plus, and many more. We are a Beautiful store filled with all you could need for a cigar, Lighter, Pipe, and Storage. If you ever find yourself In the State of Arizona Stop by and find out for yourself why Hiland’s cigars is number one in the state.



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