Echo Outlaws Cigar Drive

Help show your support for our Marines!


The Echo Outlaws Cigar Club is a group of Marines serving in Afghanistan with the  Marines Echo Company Unit 44050. They try to get together every night to talk about the day’s happenings and plan for the near future over a good cigar. However (as you may have guessed) a good cigar is not easy to come by in a war zone. That’s where we come in! We are collecting cigars in order to send them to our war fighters in Afghanistan. Please help us bring some minor comfort and relaxation to our heroes overseas, The Echo Outlaws Cigar Club.


We have already sent one shipment overseas, and we’re having a great time putting together a second. If you are interested in adding any of these items to your cart, we will put a sticker on the bundle with your name, so the Outlaws will know who donated it.


If there is another special item you would like to donate to these guys, you can give us a call here in the store to arrange any kind of donation you would like.


Check out the Echo Outlaws Facebook page here.

You can also see our Facebook album here!

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