• A.J. Fernandez Fresh Pack Sampler 5

    $35.00 $25.98

    An excellent sampler of A.J. Fernandez’s wildly popular lines. If you’re new to AJ Fernandez, this sampler is a perfect introduction to AJ’s outstanding blending style.

    Each Sampler Contains:

    1 – New World Connecticut by AJ Fernandez (6×52) Toro

    1 – New World by AJ Fernandez (6 1/2×55) Gobernador Toro

    1 – Enclave by AJ Fernandez (6×52) Toro

    1 – San Lotano Oval Habano (6 1/2×54) Toro

    1 – San Lotano Habano (6×54) Toro

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  • Aging Room Bin #1 B Minor

    $179.00 $129.98

    Aging Room Bin#1 Cigars are handmade from skilled brand owner Rafael Nodal and Tabacalera La Palma cigar maker Jochi Blanco rolled at Tabacalera La Palma Boutique Blends says that there’s actually a spot in the factory called Bin #1, where Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos have been resting for over 15 years.

    This is a smooth nicely balanced full body cigar with just the right amout of spice!

    Wrapper: Habano

    Filler: Dominican

    Binder: Dominican

    20 Count Box

    6.125 x 52

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  • Aging Room Bin #1 C Major (20)

    $189.00 $129.98

    Aging Room Bin#1 Cigars are handmade from skilled brand owner Rafael Nodal and Tabacalera La Palma cigar maker Jochi Blanco rolled at Tabacalera La Palma Boutique Blends says that there’s actually a spot in the factory called Bin #1, where Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos have been resting for over 15 years.

    This is a smooth nicely balanced full body cigar with just the right amout of spice!

    Wrapper: Habano

    Filler: Dominican

    Binder: Dominican

    20 Count Box

    5.25 x 54

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  • Aging Room M20 ffortissimo

    $140.00 $56.98

    The M20 introduces a maduro into the ffortissimo using a San Andres Mexican wrapper over Dominican binder and filler.  This cigar is made in the Jochi Blanco’s Tabacalera Palma – the factory. This is a medium to full body cigar. 
    Wrapper: San Andres Mexican
    Binder: Dominican
    Filler: Dominican
    5 3/4 x 47 (box pressed perfecto)
    10 count box

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  • Alec Bradley Fresh Toro 4 pack

    $29.98 $23.98

    This fantastic sampler pack from Alec Bradley is packaged in a humidified resealable bag.

    Each Fresh pack Includes 1 each: 

    POST EMBARGO (54 X 6¼)





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  • file_55_18.jpg Out of Stock Quick View

    Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva 48 & Mataza 4 Pack


    Two of the rarest cigars out there! The Anejo series from Fuente is deliciously full bodied and smooth with a ton of flavor. These cigars are aged in cognac barrels during a very delicate process! Generally only available twice a year (Father’s Day and Christmas), this product is in high demand and is very hard to find! We have a few boxes left in stock from the Holidays, so get them while they last!


    Cigar Length: 6 7/8

    Cigar Ring: 44

    Cigar Strength: Full

    2 Cigars

    Cigar Origin: Dominican Republic

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  • Arturo Fuente Double Chateau 5-Pack SG

    $32.98 $27.98

    5 Cigar Resealable Fresh Pack Travel Humidor Bag.

    The Fuente Chateau is one of the best medium-bodied mild cigar out there.

    Size: 6.75″ x 50

    Sungrown Wrapper: Sungrown Wrap

    Binder: Dominican Republic

    Filler: Dominican Republic Long-Filler

    No coupon code for this item


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  • Asylum 13 10 Count 6×60


    Asylum Cigars strives to provide cigar enthusiasts Refuge from Reality™, with new and innovative taste experiences. The Asylum 13, which meets the demand for full body and big taste.      

    Special Edition 10 count                    

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  • Avo Classic Covers 2017

    $256.00 $194.98


    • Offered as the first box pressed and 60 ring gauge AVO limited Edition format
    • The blend utilizes the same binder and filler tobacco variety as the coveted AVO LE05
    • Features the same Esteli Nicaragua tobacco used for the AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata
    • The 5th Installment in the AVO Improvisation Series
    • Collectors packaging inspired by a retro guitar case
    • Blended by Eladio Diaz, Master Blender and Avo Uvezian
    • Only 2,000 boxes available to the US Market
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  • AVO Uvezian 88 Single Stick

    $21.98 $9.98

    Limited Edition for 2014:  The inspiration for this cigar comes from the number of keys on a piano and AVO’s 88th birthday. It is the perfect composition of flavor and strength that will echo the excellence of a musical masterpiece.  Only 6,000 of these boxes were distributed in the United States.  At Hiland’s Cigars we were lucky to receieve a limited supply of these incredible cigars.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on these smokes.

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  • Brick House Hat with 2 Traveler Cigars


    Brick House adjustable Free Hat and 2 The Traveler Cigars

    Brick House cigars are one of J.C. Newman’s first cigar lines which was launched to honor Mr. Newman’s childhood home. The home was the only brick house in the neighborhood and also served as the town tavern where locals and travelers alike could drink, smoke, and socialize freely – everything cigar smoking represents.

    Nicaraguan fillers with a rich Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper 

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  • Brick House Traveler (21 tubes)

    $159.98 $124.98

    In 1937, J.C. Newman launched Brick House to honor his family and heritage. The vintage Brick House cigar label depicts the pastoral setting of J.C. Newman’s childhood home – the  only brick house in his village. A place that was not only a home, but it was also the town’s tavern. There, locals and visitors alike gathered nightly to eat, drink, smoke, and enjoy each other’s company. The original Brick House cigars were Cuban puros, handmade with the finest Havana tobaccos. Today, Brick House cigars are premium Nicaraguan puros featuring an exclusive Nicaraguan Havana Subido™ wrapper and Nicaraguan filler for a complex, flavorful premium cigar.

    21 count box (tubes)
    6 1/8 X 48
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  • Brickhouse Cigars and Lighter Deal (4)


    Buy 4 Brickhouse cigars and get the Brickhouse torch lighter free!

    Includes 2 brickhouse robusto maduros and 2 Brickhouse Connecticut toros with the Brickhouse torch lighter

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  • Casada Connecticut Torpedo 10pk

    $59.98 $44.98

    This golden brown wrapper advertises the flavor of this cigar perfectly; smooth and silky. The Nicaraguan Connecticut wrapper on this cigar is smooth, mild and easy going while maintaining a lot of flavors to keep your on your toes. Perfect for a new smoker or even for someone who just wants a cigar to relax with out by the pool. This is a consistant best seller for us, and you definitely can’t beat it for the price!

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  • Casada Nicaraguan Coffee- Ground

    $14.98 $10.98

    A delicious Nicaraguan coffee blend that is sure to please even the pickiest coffee drinker! We always have a pot of Casada Coffee brewing in our store for our customers to enjoy.  This coffee is 100% Organic, Casada Coffee was voted BEST COFFEE OF YEAR 2015

    1LB. Bag

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  • -67% 3f.jpg Out of Stock Quick View

    Chrome 3 Cigar Holder

    $29.98 $10.00

    This is a very cool 3 cigar holder, will hold up to a toro size. It is Chrome with decorative embossing on the front

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  • -75% case1.jpg Low Stock Quick View

    Cigarette/Cigarillo Case

    $15.98 $4.00

    Nice chrome cigarette case also great cigarillo case

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  • Cohiba Connecticut 3 pack Robusto Tubo

    The new brand is called Cohiba Connecticut and is wrapped in a Connecticut cover leaf from Ecuador’s cloudy Los Ríos province.Made in the Dominican Republic at the General Cigar Dominicana factory, this brand is billed as mild-to-medium bodied.
    3 pack robusto tuba
    Strength Mild – Medium
    Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
    Binder / Filler Mexico / Brazil, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
    Color Colorado Claro
    Grade Hand Rolled / Long Filler
    Country of Origin Dominican Republic
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  • toro cornelius Out of Stock Quick View

    Cornelius & Anthony – Cornelius Corona Gorda

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  • Craftman’s Bench Gift Set Humidor WITH 8 Partagas Black Maximo Cigars

    $89.98 $59.98

    The Gentleman’s Gift Set is perfect for anyone who enjoys pairing fine cigars with premium spirits. Wrapped in a handsome walnut finish, this humidor’s simple and unique design makes it a great addition to any connoisseur’s bar. Features a Spanish cedar interior and also includes:

    • Pouring spout
    • Bottle stopper
    • Humidifier / Hygrometer
    • Black and silver flask

    Capacity: Holds up to 65 cigars.

    Size: 10 1/4″ x 8 3/4″ x 4 3/4″

     8 Partagas Black Maximo Cigars

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    Wait till you see our new Cuban Cigar Patio Scottsdale you will love it. A great place to meet up and enjoy your favorite Padron or Mataza Cigar. Lots of chairs and big screen T.V’s stop by and check out the progress.

    Hilandscigars.com is known for their Discount Pirces everyday!

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  • Cuban Cigars Scottsdale Cheap Hilandscigars.com


    Cuban Cigars Scottsdlae cheap Hilandscigars.com we will be carring a huhg variety of Cuban Cigars at the very best price.

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  • Diamond Crown Leather 3-pack Sampler

    $61.98 $49.98

    The perfect gift for any cigar smoker! This exquisite cigar sampler consists of 3 great Diamond Crown Cigars. You get 1 Diamond Crown Natural, 1 Julius Caeser and a Diamond Crown Cameroon Select; all in a chunky Double Belicoso format.

    The Diamond Crown cigar gift set is beautifully packaged in a luxurious leather case



    Julius Caesar Double Belicoso 6 3/4x 54: Dominian Republic, Ecuadorian Havana Seed, Caribbean basin and Central America Filler

    Cameroon Select Double Belicoso 6 3/4x 54: Dominican Republic, African Cameroon Seed, 5 fillers from Caribbean basin and Central America

    Classic Double Belicoso 6 3/4x 54: Dominican Republic, Connecticut Shade Seed, 5 fillers from Caribbean basin and Central America


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  • -20% diamcrn_royal_samp_4pk_231514 Out of Stock Quick View

    Diamond Crown Royal Sampler (4)

    $49.98 $39.98
    • 1 Diamond Crown Black Diamond
    • 1 Diamond Crown MAXIMUS
    • 1 Diamond Crown Julius Caeser
    • 1 Diamond Crown



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  • Dupont Lighter Case

    $85.98 $59.98

    Dupont Black Leather Lighter case

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  • -13% file_55_44.jpg Out of Stock Quick View

    Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel Share Deal

    $69.00 $59.98

    The Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel Share is a spicy-sweet smoke that was 101 years in the making…

    A milder version of the company’s legendary OpusX—is the most outstanding. The cigar takes its name from a term used by whisky distillers: The angels’ share is the amount of the spirit that, cellar masters say, goes to the angels as it evaporates during the barrel-aging process. If the name is intended to suggest that the cigar produces a heavenly smoke, then Angel’s Share is fitting.

    The Mataza Dominican is one of the greatest Dominican cigar you can can get. It’s a smooth and creamy smoke.  If you like Ashton’s, AVO’s, or Romeo Real this is your cigar. 

    This deal includes 2 OpusX Angel Share and 2 Mataza Dominican cigars

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  • Gispert 5 Toro cigars and a FREE! Glass Ashtray

    $74.98 $9.98

    5 amazing Toro cigars and A FREE! ashtray

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  • -55% up.jpg Out of Stock Quick View

    H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Minis

    $54.98 $24.98

    These rich and nutty original Cameroon wrapped H.Upmann cigars are a popular choice for that quick smoke. The Minis are the perfect companion to your morning coffee, and just about any other time of the day. Packaged in 5 packs of 8.

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  • h2.jpg Low Stock Quick View

    H2 100 Humidity Regulators


    executive 100 humidity regulator

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  • h3.jpg Out of Stock Quick View

    H3 Humidifier 30-40 ciggars


    mr. moisture humidifier 30/40 cigars

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  • h4.jpg Low Stock Quick View

    H4 Humidity Gauge


    humidity gauge

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  • H6 Single Cigar Humidifier


    .Single Cigar Humidifier

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  • Henry Clay Brevas Finas


    Size: 6.5×48

    Box Ct.: 25


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  • Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur #1 Natural 4 pack

    $17.00 $12.98

    An extremely well constructed medium to full bodied cigar, Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur is a superb example of Honduran craftsmanship. Lighter in color than a Cuban cigar as a result of its fine Connecticut Shade wrapper, this cedar-aged cigar is made with a rich Honduran blend that is very much in the Cuban tradition.

    7.25 x 54 

    Origin: Honduras

    Cigar Strength: Full

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  • Iconic 9 Assortment (9)


    Altadis USA has been crafting the world’s most famous cigars since 1918, and the Altadis Iconic Brand Assortment sampler brings you nine unique examples of the company’s unmatched high quality and rich taste. Showcasing fine, hand-crafted cigars from the legendary H Upmann, Montecristo, and Romeo y Julieta brands, this collection offers a range of consistent and flavorful tobacco blends, all of which are sure to satisfy the novice and experienced smoker alike.

    Sampler contains one of each:

    H. Upmann The Banker Toro

    H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro H.

    Upmann 1844 Reserve Toro

    Montecristo Platinum Toro

    Montecristo Monte Toro

    Montecristo Classic Series Toro

    Romeo y Julieta 1875 Toro

    Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Toro

    Romeo y Julieta Vintage Toro

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  • Illusion ONEOFF (10)


    Illusione Cigars is proud to present ONEOFF. A breakout cigar at the turn of the 21st century that gained an immediate cult status.

    They have recreated the fire and essence that was the impetus of the ONE OFF brand.

    sold  in 10 count boxes

    Use discount code hc20 for a 20% discount on these cigars!

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  • -40% file_56_2.jpg Out of Stock Quick View

    Jet Line G-5000 Triple Torch Table Lighter

    $42.98 $25.98

    Triple torch flame
    Flame safety lock
    Flame height adjustment
    Large trigger for ignition
    Industrial sized fill valve – see notes below Single action design

    Available in Black, Black/Gold and Black/Red

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  • Jet Line Golem Pipe Lighter

    $30.98 $24.98

    Single traditional flame Triple style pipe tool
    Universal fill valve Side mounted trigger
    Single action design

    One year warranty

    Available in: Red, Black and Gunmetal

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  • Jet Line Proto Pipe Lighter


    the JetLine Proto-Pipe Soft Pipe Lighter offers a unique design and reliability unlike any other offering out there. Featuring a soft flame and curved body – this lighter’s ergonomics make it easy to evenly light your tobacco without burning your fingers, and a clear window makes it easy to see when your tank is about to go dry. A great accessory for pipe enthusiasts looking for the perfect light.

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  • Jet Line Tusk Table Lighter Red

    $41.00 $25.98

    Single torch and traditional flame, Flame safety lock, Flame height adjustable, Large ignition button.

    Side mounted trigger and single action design

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  • JetLine Samba Pipe Lighter


    Jetline’s Samba is one of the sleekest and most compact all-in-one butane pipe lighters available. The ergonomic design feels great in the hand and the convenient trigger activates a reliable piezo-electric ignition system, so you’ll never need to worry about flints. Available in black, gunmetal and burlwood, these handsome lighters also come equipped with a full compliment of swing-out tools, so this is all you’ll need to carry other than your pipe and tobacco.

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  • JFR JUNIOR Corojo 50 ct

    $259.98 $189.98

    Size: 4.5X46

    Box Ct: 50 cigars

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  • La Aroma De Cuba Car Ashtray


    This is one of our favorite ashtrays! The sharp design is great as a collectable or for its intended use as an awesome ashtray.


    If you love Ashton cigars, keep in mind that you can get this ashtray FREE when you buy a box of Ashton Classic Magnums.

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  • La Aroma de Cuba Rothchild 3 pack deal

    $29.98 $13.98

    La Aroma de Cuba is as exciting to smoke as it is to view. The wrapper is made from carefully chosen dark Cuban seed Honduran tobacco with plenty of oils and sheen. The filler is a blend of rich Cuban seed Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos and the binder is Honduran. La Aroma de Cuba has an enticing aroma and is a medium to full strength cigar. It draws easily and offers a big, enchanting flavor delivered smoothly with lots of finesse.

    The packaging is truly extraordinary. Utilizing original Cuban artwork with several modifications and enhancements, the dress box is simply gorgeous with its extensive gold embossing and rich colors.

    La Aroma de Cuba was a turn of the century brand made famous in part by Winston Churchill who characterized the cigar as one of his favorites. The new La Aroma de Cuba is completely different but once smoked, its flavor and aroma will remind you of a taste from another era.


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  • La Aurora Cazadores (20)

    $125.00 $110.98

    La Aurora Cazadores, The blend uses a Connecticut wrapper over an Indonesian binder and Dominican fillers.

    Despite the low pricing, Cazadores is both a longfiller cigar and will be packaged in 20 count boxes.
    La Aurora Cazadores Robusto (5 x 50)
    This is a great smooth cigar, great value!
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  • La Flor Dominicana Chisel Maduro 10ct

    $92.00 $69.98

    Continuing the trend of making powerful cigars. These babies are amazing, all Dominican filler and binder, grown at the La Flor Dominicana farm, wrapped in the dark Ecuadorian sun grown leaves. “Eat before you smoke them”.

    Package Count: 10

    Cigar Length: 6

    Cigar Ring: 54

    Cigar Origin: Dominican Republic

    Cigar Strength: Extra Full

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  • La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press (20)




    As for the blend, it uses a Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper, a Mexican San Andrés binder and four fillers: Brazilian mata fina, Dominican olor and piloto cubano, as well as Nicaraguan Jalapa.

    The La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press is offered in three sizes and come in 20 count boxes

    La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press Robusto (5 1/2 x 50)
    La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press Toro (6 1/2 x 52)
    La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press Gigante (6 x 60)

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  • -2% file_55_39.jpg Low Stock Quick View

    LFD Los Lancero Sampler (5)

    $43.00 $41.98

    This new Los Lancero sampler from La Flor Dominicana includes one of each:

    Air Bender Lancero

    DL Lancero Oscuro

    Coronado Lancero

    DL Lancero Natural

    Cameroon Cabinet Lancero

    5 count box


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  • Liga Privada No. 9 Robusto Oscuro

    $295.98 $289.98

    24 count box of a fantastic cigar

    Robusto 5 X 52

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