Black Market Filthy Hooligan Barber Pole (6×50 / Box of 24)


The Filthy Hooligans are bringing their shenanigans back this year. The eye-grabbing cigars from Alec Bradley that come out in limited batches before every St. Patrick’s Day are here!

Each cigar is made in a barber pole style, combining wrappers in a pattern showing the differences between each. Alec Bradley’s barber poles come in two lines: the Filthy Hooligan Barber Pole and Filthy Hooligan Shamrock. The former features dual wrappers of Nicaraguan Habano and candela, while the Shamrock is triple-wrapped with Nicaraguan Habano, maduro Nicaraguan Habano and candela tobaccos. Both toros measure 6 inches by 50 ring gauge and share the same interior blend, which includes a Sumatra binder around Panamian and Honduran filler.

Due to limited candela supply, the upcoming limited releases will include 2,000, 24-count boxes of Barber Poles and 1,500, 10-count boxes of Shamrocks.

“Hooligans have become a perpetual conversation piece for the cigar community,” said Alec Bradley founder Alan Rubin. “…more smokers are finding the opportunity to experience the unique flavor characteristics that candela tobacco can bring to a blend.”

Since 2013, cigar lovers could look forward to the cigars that highlight candela tobacco. In 2016, they transformed into even more interesting barber poles featuring candela wrapper intertwined with brown Nicaraguan tobacco and, in 2019, the triple-wrapped Shamrock was added to the collection.

Both Filthy Hooligan cigars are being produced at Tobacos De Oriente in Danli, Honduras

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