Gran Habano Azteca El Jaguar (6×54 / Box of 20)


From the Americas to your palate comes the Gran Habano Azteca. Nestled in the San Andres valley of Vera Cruz Mexico, kissed by the sun, lays the oily goodness of the Double Maduro wrapper and binder that forms the body of the Azteca. Continuing our journey further south to round out this taste explosion of richness are the countries of Panama and Nicaragua, who proudly supplied this cigar with its smooth burning fillers. As fierce as an Aztec warrior is the flavor of this complex cigar. So if you fancy a tasty journey down Mexico way, and have an itch for the exotic tobaccos of Central America, then light up this globetrotting stick today!

Cigar Length: 6

Cigar Ring: 54

Cigar Strength: Full

Cigar Origin: Nicaragua

Box Count: 20

Out of stock

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