JFR Titan Maduro (6×60 / Box of 50)

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Looking for a smooth yet powerful smoke? You’ve found it! Made by Tobacalera Tropical in Honduras, the JFR has woody and spicy flavors which make it an exceptional medium-bodied cigar. This is a local customer favorite at our store!

New Product! Made at the Tropical Factory. Nicaraguan also available! Made at the My Father Factory

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Package Count: 50

Cigar Length: 6

Cigar Ring: 60

Cigar Origin: Honduras

Cigar Strength: Full

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1 review for JFR Titan Maduro (6×60 / Box of 50)

  1. Cole

    I have smoked several of these and have actually been quite impressed with them. The larger ring gauge keeps the smoke nice and cool, which compliments the sweet maduro flavor. The cigar itself has one of the most oily/enticing maduro wrappers that I’ve ever seen. You know, as far as construction goes it does have a triple cap… which is a nice touch (not that it really matters) for something that is such a bargain. Now, on a side note, I have heard of people saying that these JFRs lack complexity… they do change and become noticeable stonger, like most cigars, just below the halfway point, but aside from that there isnt much change. I like it because it gives me the sweet maduro flavor that I like. This is rare because some maduros dont truly taste like maduros… in a sense that the filler is so spicy that the maduro wrapper is hard to taste. I know that this review is terribly unorganized, but the bottom line is that it is worth a shot. For god’s sake, its cheap, looks great, is huge, and is rumored to have been originally blended by pepin.

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