Macanudo 50th Anniversary Humidor (50)

50 years of greatness in a stylish humidor!
The Macanudo 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Humidor comes with a collection of 50 cigars from the best vintages that Macanudo have put out in the last 50 years. A collector’s edition humidor paired with cigars that can no longer be found anywhere else!
With 10 cigars from each of the award winning vintages of 1984, 1988, 1993, 1997, & 2000, most of which are completely unavailable outside of this collection. The humidor itself is nothing to sneeze at, a sleek white and gold design that is truly unique, there are only 225 of these being made, worldwide!
Grab a piece of Macanudo history and taste the past with the Macanudo 50th Anniversary Humidor.

Includes 50 cigars

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