Padron Family Reserve No. 44 Maduro (6×52 / Box of 10)



Customers who order this cigar will have the item sent out immediately. Please note that immediate shipment is only available while supplies last, and once all boxes have been claimed, this item will return to a waiting list only status.


Please place your order here online or feel free to call our store for more information at 1-800-777-4854.

When this item is listed in a “back ordered” status, the following conditions will apply:

Due to the high demand of this item, Hiland’s Cigars is unable to guarantee availability at all times. If you place this item in your cart and it shows as “backordered”, you WILL NOT be charged for the item. We receive small quantities of this item at a time, and you will only be charged if the item will be able to ship in a timely manner (ie: if the item is en route from the manufacturer)


If the item is listed as “backordered”, your name will be added to a waiting list and you will be contacted as soon as the item has shipped from the manufacturer. Being on this waiting list DOES NOT guarantee a box. When we receive word that a shipment has left Padron’s werehouse, we will call all names on this waiting list. The first to respond will be charged for the item, and the product will be guaranteed to them when it arrives in the store. You may join the waiting list by adding this item to your card and completing the order, or by calling us here at the store.



If you have any questions whatsoever, please call us here at the store: 1-800-777-4854.

Padron Family Reserve No. 44 Maduro
Padron Family Reserve No. 44 Maduro (6×52 / Box of 10)


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