San Cristobal Supremo (6×50 / Box of 22)


Ashton has been working long and hard on this project for the past 2 years. Working hand-in-hand in Nicaragua with Jose “Pepin” Garcia. For those of you unfamiliar, Pepin is a rising star in the cigar industry. He is a Cuban expatriate with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of cigar making. Pepin ran cigar production in Cuba for 30 years before departing for the U.S. in 2002. Now he is in Nicaragua making some of the finest cigars in the world today.
The cigar itself turned out to be a dream come true! We truly could not be happier with the finished product! Blended entirely from rich and delicious Nicaraguan tobaccos, these cigars feature dark, oily Nicaraguan wrappers. The flavor is rich and full-bodied, exhibiting a perfect balance between strength and complexity. Hearty notes of earth, cedar and spices are accompanied by lighter notes of walnuts, espresso and dark chocolate. Each cigar is constructed impeccably and finished with a traditional Cuban Triple-Cap. Available in 7 sizes in cedar chests of 22

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Package Count: 22 Cigar Length: 6 Cigar Ring: 50 Cigar Origin: Nicaragua Cigar Strength: Full

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