Oliver Twist Smokeless Tobacco (1.5oz)


Warning: Smokeless Tobacco is Addictive

Each unit contains 6  x 0.25 oz (30 pieces) boxes
The US Oliver Twist selection includes 4 different varieties – either liquorice or fruit flavors have been added.

Sunberry: With a taste of blackcurrants

Original: Spiced and with a taste of strong licorice and with a characteristic taste of smoke.

Tropical: With a flavour of anise

Wintergreen: With a fresh taste

– the content of nicotine in Oliver Twist tobacco bits is the same you find naturally in a tobacco leaf. All ingredients are approved for food production.

*Only part of the nicotine will be released during use. How much depends on how much you chew on the tobacco bit. Therefore, the tobacco bit will still contain nicotine when you throw it away.

Average content per tobacco bit:
Sugar: 0.05 g/ nicotine: 5 mg*

Oliver Twist Smokeless Tobacco (1.5oz)
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